Brownfield Generation

Project Scope

The SSE Generation Tawnaghmore site conststs of two 50 MW Thermal generation peaker units. When constructed it was fed via two 110 kV mobile bays.

The upgrade project was undertaken to install new protection and interfacing to the new ESB 110 kV substation.

H&MV were appointed PSDP and PSCS to carry out all required engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning works. Drawings were reviewed by Eirgrid and SSE.

The project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of both Eirgrid and SSE.


Tawnaghmore, Co. Mayo


110 kV

Start Date

July 2016

Completion Date

January 2017

Project Description

  • 110 kV substation project, removal of old AIS mobile bays and build of new 110 kV station by ESBN.
  • H&MV designed and built new control, protection and interlocking equipment for the 2 new 110 kV connections.
  • Completed the PSDP and PSCS roles.
  • Completed load flow and protection coordination studies.
  • Procurement of new control and protection equipment.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Energisation and handover to the clients satisfaction

Technical Information

  • Installation of new control and protection cabling
  • Installation of new transformer protection relays and interlocking equipment in new cabinets
  • Upgrading of the interlocking conditions as per Eirgrid’s requirements
  • Completed inter-panel connections with existing equipment
  • Upgrading of the site’s SCADA system to allow remote visibility of substation alarms
  • Upgrading of the site’s DC supply
  • Commissioning of the new equipment including completing the stability test up to the new ESB substation

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