Heathwall Pumping Station

Client’s Challenge

The Heathwall PSTN works were appointed to H&MV Engineering for the design, supply, installation, termination and testing with associated containment for 2 No. new 11 kV Transformers, DNO service feeders and removal of 4 redundant transformers on the HV network owned and operated by Thames Water


London, UK


11 kV


Start Date

March 2017


Completion Date

August 2017

H&MV Solution

• Design and installation of fire resistant containment.

• Installation and testing of cabling.

• Resource management.

• Programme construction and management.

• Specialist haulage.

• Procurement of electrical balance of equipment materials.

Project Scope

• Installation of 2 2000KVA 11000/420V 3-Phase 50Hz

• KNAN Sealed Type Transformer.

• Installation of 185mm2 HV Triplex cable, including terminations and cable testing.

• Design and installation of 4 hours integrity, 4-sided durasteel encasement E240 with cable penetration and compound sealing.

• TX bunding wall removal and reconstruction.

• TX oil sampling/laboratory testing, removal storage and waste disposal.

• Project Management and Commissioning of electrical installation.

• Produce a complete set of electrical as built drawings and a safety handover file.

• Responsible for issuing the Integrated Test Plans (ITPs), Construction Management Plans, Quality Plans, Safety Management Plan and Temporary Works Register

• Daily toolbox talks, weekly progress and safety meetings, issue and risk management along with regular status reporting

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