Gort Station

Project Scope

This 110/33 kV NIE substation is located in Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The project scope included the installation and commissioning of a 4 bay 110 kV AIS and 16 bay GIS station to NIE specifications.


Northern Ireland


110 kV

Start Date

January 2016

Completion Date

July 2016

Project Description

  • Liaison with NIE representative.
  • Full commissioning of HV system.
  • Project reporting, commissioning plans and status updates.

Technical Information

  • The installation of the earth grid.
  • The installation and commissioning of the 110V DC system.
  • The installation and testing of the general services.
  • The installation of 33 kV GIS panel ABB ZX2.0 main board.
  • Installation and commissioning of 110/33 kV 90MVA power transformer.

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