Coalburn Substation

Project Scope

  • There was a requirement for a new 400 / 132 kV transformer Switchbay
  • It is an existing brownfield site, so there are key interfaces to manage
  • Time constraints regarding National Grid Outages


Coalburn, Scotland


400 / 132 kV

Completion Date

July 2019

H&MV Solution

  • H&MV are responsible for the project management of the installation of a new 360 MVA 400/132 kV transformer AIS switchgear bay
  • H&MV staff hold appropriate Scottish Power Authorisations so therefore have the skills and competencies to deliver this project
  • H&MV are ensuring early engagement with Scottish Power and National Grid to ensure outage dates and commissioning plans are met

Technical Information

  • H&MV are project managing the installation of a new 360 MVA 400/132 kV transformer AIS switchgear bay for Scottish Power at Lanarkshire
    As part of this project, the 400 kV and 132 kV main and reserve busbar will be extended.
    There will be installation of a new 132 kV bus section utilising two spare 132 kV bays to create the section
  • Installation of a 400 kV and 132 kV Bus Coupler AIS equipment, installation of new control
    and protection system, and modifications to existing busbar protection
  • H&MV will interface with both Scottish Power and National Grid to develop the commissioning plans and ensure outages are kept to a minimum
  • H&MV Commissioners will commission the 400 kV and 132 kV works adhering to the outage plan and ensuring minimal outages
  • Responsible for issuing the Integrated Test Plans ( ITPs ), Construction Management Plans, Quality Plans, Safety Management Plan and Temporary Works Registers as specified by Scottish Power
  • Daily toolbox talks, weekly progress and safety meetings, issue and risk management along with monthly status reporting. A complete set of as-built drawings and a safety handover file will be provided at completion

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