110 KV Substation Cloghran

Project Scope

H&MV Engineering were responsible for the complete detailed electrical engineering design, project management and health and safety management function for the Cloghran 110 kV Substation and transmission lines.

This project was completed over 3 phases over a duration of 4 years.




110 kV

Start Date

March 2012

Completion Date

March 2016

Brief Description

  • Detailed electrical design of the 110 / 20 kV AIS substation.
  • Installation, termination and commission of 110 kV power cable.
  • Design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the 5 No. 110/20 kV transformers.
  • Supply and installation of 11 No. 110 kV AIS equipment bays.
  • Liaison with local utility representatives and grid providers.
  • Project reporting, commissioning plans and status updates.

Technical Information

  • Supply and installation of 20 kV cabling and terminations.
  • Commissioning of 2 No. customer transformer bays.
  • Earthing studies and design and earthing installation.
  • Discrimination and short circuit study.
  • Small power, lighting and emergency lighting system.
  • High quality anti intruder protection and alarm system.
  • Fire detection system and telecommunications system.
  • Installation of 2 No.149 interface towers.
  • All utility and IPP control panels and protection relays.