H&MV are currently working on the Mayo Renewable Power CHP plant based in Killala. Mayo Renewable Power is a nominal 40MW export rated IPP power plant firing biomass. It will be constructed on the former Asahi brownfield site near Killala, Co Mayo Ireland. Construction will involve an 110kV ESBN connection to adjacent ESBN Tawnaghmore 110kV substation which will be extended to connect MRP, two existing 50MW peaking GT plants and a future windfarm.

In operation, this plant will use wood chip biomass. The fuel will be supplied from a variety of sources including locally grown willow, spruce from local forestry and forestry thinnings along with imported supplies. Adjacent to the power plant will be a biomass fuel storage and processing facility which will supply biomass wood chips for sale to the domestic market. The 42.5MW (net) electricity produced by the plant will be exported directly onto the National Grid and distributed throughout the country. Source: Mayo Rewewable Power.