COVID-19 Statement

We are continuing to safely deliver projects across Europe, while adhering to government health & safety advice and any applicable restrictions across all of the regions in which we are present.

Safety is a priority that we set above all else within H&MV Engineering and we apply the same uncompromising approach during Coronavirus outbreak.
We are committed to protect our employees, visitors and sub-contractors at all times, therefore we have introduced additional health & safety measures:

  • COVID-19 Assessment Group meeting regularly
  • Specific instructions for social distancing and disinfection
  • PPE & cleaning stations
  • Remote working support
  • COVID-19 Questionnaires & temperature checks
  • Limits for meetings and visitors to the office
  • Regular update briefing sessions for all stakeholders

The H&MV Engineering COVID-19 Assessment Group continue to meet weekly and also hold additional meetings outside of those scheduled to assess any pertinent COVID-19 updates. All information is relayed to employees, contractors and visitors promptly as a priority.